​CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE 3/20/23 - We have just passed the 3 year mark since Covid started.  While we have continued to maintain operations uninterrupted, our office location will remain closed to visitors.  Please knock on the door to let us know you are on the porch and we will come outside to meet you.  There is a black mailbox next to our door if you wish to leave a payment after hours.  When your scheduled appointment arrives, if you are sick or have a fever, PLEASE be considerate and call to reschedule rather than putting our entire staff at risk. Likewise, please follow your comfort level and feel free to ask our technician to  wear a mask and/or gloves.  By having your payment ready on the day of service you help us to save a stamp as well as the time and paperwork to print and mail you a ticket.  As always, we appreciate your business.



Office Hours - - Monday through Friday - - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

We are an established small business doing routine maintenance, repairs,  replacement, and new installations of heating and cooling equipment as well as duct work for your home or small business.  We service Oil Furnaces and Boilers, LP and Natural Gas Furnaces and Boilers, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, and Ductless Systems.  Call or email us today for routine maintenance, service for a problem, or for a free estimate to replace your existing HVAC system or to schedule a new installation.


Winter is finally over but the cold has not left us yet. Due to colder nights, we are still getting calls for problems with heating systems as well as end of season routine maintenance. The benefit of having your system checked now is you won't have to wait in line with everyone else who wants theirs checked in the fall.  As always, if you notice something is not working right or sounds off, give us a call right away to check it out rather than waiting until it stops working altogether.

Blevins Heating & Cooling, Inc.

​​​Local family-owned small business celebrating over 45 years

Spring has sprung! It is still too cold to do routine AC checks, but we have started scheduling for April and May. Give us a call to schedule yours before that first hot day of the season.  If your cooling system failed at the end of last summer, give us a call now to schedule a repair or replacement so it will be ready when you turn your thermostat to cool for the first time.  Keep your system running smoothly by changing your filters every month and keeping all vents clear and uncovered.